Skin Care Prevention Tip & What To Look For

Each year, skin cancer affects more people in America than any other type of cancer. Identifying skin cancer early helps with successful treatment. Your Casper, WY, skin doctors also serving Gillette, Laramie, Douglas, Rawlins, Riverton, Thermopolis, and Wheatland, WY, can help you with skin cancer prevention tips and early detection. At the Central Wyoming Skin Clinic and Medical Skin Care, […]

Discover The Benefits of Botox

Is Botox the best way to get younger-looking skin?  You’re tired of those deep forehead wrinkles and laugh lines and you want to do something about them…but what? You could get cosmetic surgery, but if you’re looking for something a lot less invasive that doesn’t require surgery then you may want to consider turning to our Casper, WY, dermatologists Dr. […]

Treating Your Rash

The dermatology staff at Central Wyoming Skin Clinic is happy to offer you professional, compassionate care as you heal from your condition. Serving the Laramie, Gillette, and Casper, WY, area, we can assist with your challenges with cellulitis, dermatitis, and other skin problems.  Various cutaneous symptoms like skin rashes often point to another condition like poison ivy, eczema, or an […]

When Should You See a Skin Doctor

How your dermatologists in Casper, Wyoming can help you.  If you have skin problems, it’s only natural to wonder if you should see a skin doctor. The truth is, your dermatologist can help protect your skin by treating skin problems while they are small and easily treatable.  The dermatologists at Central Wyoming Skin Clinic offer a wide selection of skincare […]

Skin Cancer Types and Causes

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting adults in the U.S. In fact, one out of every five adults will develop a form of skin cancer at some point during their lives. Seeing a dermatologist or skin doctor regularly for skin cancer screenings helps with early detection, which can give you an improved prognosis if skin cancer ever […]

Say Goodbye To Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines can make even the most beautiful individual look older than they actually are and dampen their self-confidence. Thankfully, there are various solutions that can restore your appearance. We offer various treatments for fine lines and wrinkles here at Central Wyoming Skin Clinic. So whether you need laser resurfacing, dermal fillers, or Botox, Dr. Scott Bennion or […]

Benefits of Hair Removal

Are you tired of hair removal treatments that just don’t work or last? Here at Central Wyoming Skin Clinic in the areas of Gillette, Laramie, and Casper, our unique team of professionals helps patients with a variety of medical and cosmetic skin issues—including unwanted hair. Led by Dr. Scott Bennion and Dr. Matthew Green, we offer effective laser skin treatments […]

What Is Melanoma

How your dermatologists in Casper, Wyoming can help if you have a melanoma  Skin cancer can be scary, but there are many types of skin cancer, some more aggressive than others. Melanoma is one of the more aggressive types of skin cancer, and it can be disfiguring or fatal. Early diagnosis and treatment of melanoma are critical to providing the […]